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2月 リトリート空き情報





Doshi Village has become cold in earnest. This is good again.
In the mountains, I put a hot water bottle in my futon and wear chanchanko to protect myself from the cold! But the plums are already starting to unravel.
February openings will be only from 25th (Sat) to 27th (Mon) for both fasting and curing. If you want to make a reservation, hurry up! Please enjoy the clear winter air! Your heart will be washed ❣
The events that can be added to this accommodation are "enzyme making of spring vegetables and fruits, additive-free cosmetics and eco-wrap making, layered boiling class, sugar and dairy free sweets making", etc. All of them are perfect for everyday life!

080-7021-5271 手島 TESHIMA



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