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Characteristics of customers who choose Uzumano

When we first opened, we had a lot of customers coming in for various reasons, such as ``easy fasting'' and ``dieting,'' but the recent trends are:

“I want to combine self-care with cancer and intractable disease treatment!”

“Detox at a turning point in your life!”

The number of advanced goals has increased considerably.

We all have a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and some of you are going through great hardships. Even people who have lived extremely difficult lives are still trying to move forward.

Even if you are depressed or worried, go on an Uzumanoni (fasting)! That being said, it's quite positive.

Uzumano's fasting (semi-fasting) improves the intestinal environment and has a significant detox effect through exercise such as pressing pressure points, yoga, and trekking.

Most people feel lighter and lose around 2 kg in just 2 nights and 3 days. By detoxing your body, it becomes easier to detox your mind. There are many other benefits of fasting.

Improve your constitution. If you are aiming to improve your mental quality, we recommend regular use.

Do you come to detox your mind and body once every 1-2 months?



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